About Us

CARA BAUERMEISTER - Cara is a graduate of the Michaelis School of Fine art - part of the University of Cape Town - and a former fine art lecturer, Cara began making ceramics after she and her husband moved out of Cape Town to live in a country house with a sprawling garden. "To have a garden was a wonderful thing - and it is a place of inspiration for me. There are large trees which shelter a pond with a little island and an overgrown pergola: my personal folly." 

"Digging up the heavy soil prompted me to think about clay and making. As I was digging away I found shards of Victorian transferware but also little clay birds - which was odd" she says. She subsequently discovered that the previous owner had been a potter. The next step seemed inevitable. "The garden grew - and I needed vases for the flowers in my garden. I couldn't find what I imagined in my head. Things fell into place", says Cara, who now works from a garden studio, the long shelves now lined with her wares.

MEG HUDSON - Born in South Africa, Meg studied architecture in Johannesburg and then UCL. Since 2014, she has worked as an architect in London, working on traditional residential projects - from Chelsea flats to large country houses.

Along with her husband, Meg still regularly buys and sells antiques. ‘It’s good fun but also interesting - I am certainly not an expert - just passionate about old things. Which is why I’ve enjoyed this collaboration so much, it’s been a chance to explore all the things I love most: architecture, decoration and craft.’